Essential Patterns for Men


The Men's Essential Collection includes an entire wardrobe of men's wear patterns, including shirts, pants, jackets, coats, vests, activewear, and loungewear. Plus you get powerful design tools that will let you convert other Dress Shop patterns to men's design, style, and fit standards.

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Requires build 6.12 or later
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"Semi-fitted men's pants with inserted front pocket,
fly zip, men's fit crotch settings, and tailored waistband." 

- Luz Pearson

  The Men's Essential Collection more
than just a group of terrific patterns!

 New Design
New Features, Options, & Instructions
  • Men's Drafting Style

  • Men's Fit Tool

Men's Drafting Style - All patterns in this collection are tailored to the needs of the male body. Necklines are slightly wider and deeper, shoulder extensions are larger, armhole depth and bicep ease are increased, sleeve cap ease is reduced, side seam shaping softened, bust and shoulder darts eliminated and crotch rise and length ease added.

Men's Fit Tool - Switch between men's fit and women's fit while checking any pattern in Dress Shop and see exactly how much ease is used at every location for men versus women.

  • New design elements including crew necks, tab plackets (as used in polo and henley shirts), and more...

  • Classic dress shirt yoke - no top shoulder seam!

  • Tailored waistband

  • Attached Fly

  • Inserted / Cutaway pockets

  • Welt Pockets, Coin Pocket, Hip Pockets

  • Vented sleeve plackets

Dress Shirt Sleeve showing the placketed vent

Click on the Pattern Converter Buttons and convert your woman's pattern to a man's draft or vice versa, with all the adjustments that come with that....

Pattern Converter Tool - Below Mia there will now be radio buttons for specifying whether any particular pattern is a man's pattern or a woman's pattern. Choose the man and you will get Marc, the Dress Shop male model, illustrating that pattern. All of the drafting changes described above will take effect as the pattern is converted to male drafting rules. Options are revised to the male list (no halter necklines, nor cowls, funnels, sweethearts, etc.). Others are added (more fly and waistband choices, for instance). And, all defaults are adjusted to male values (placket width, fly size, pocket defaults, etc. are all reset to the normal values used in male clothing.

With these tools, you can take any of the 700 or so Dress Shop patterns and convert it to a man's pattern.

The Men's Essential Collection also includes
A Complete Wardrobe of Men's Patterns!

91 patterns including

• Shirts: 14
• Pant’s: 29
• Jackets, Vests and tunics: 15
• Active wear :23
• Loungewear: 10

Boxer Shorts
5-Pocket Jeans,
Multi-Pleat Slacks
Swim Trunks with Liner
New pajamas
New Windbreakers
New Raincoat
Henley and Polo Shirts
All new Dress Shirts
   many, many more....





Pleated Pants with tailored waistband
and slash-inserted pockets in front and welt pockets in back.

Polo Shirt and Twill Pants

Instructional Articles


Fully illustrated instructions including:

  • How to construct men's pants

  • How to insert a fly zipper

  • How to sew a lapped zipper

  • How to sew a centered zipper

  • How to sew an invisible zipper

  • How to construct men’s boxers

  • Constructing a Henley Neck

  • Constructing a Polo Neck

  • Constructing an Action Pleat in a Dress Shirt

  • How to prepare and construct the “classic yoke”

  • Constructing an Inserted Pocket

  • Constructing a Tailored Sleeve Vent

Many more new patterns await you in the Men's Essential Collection.
To take a look at this collection, you will need version 6.12 or later of Dress Shop.
With that, use the File menu, preview function to take a look at Men's Essential Collection
including all the patterns, all the options, and all the assembly and construction articles included.

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