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LivingSoft Subscriber Newsletter | Volume 9


Q.  When I download the updates does it create a whole new program on my C drive? I have multiple Dress Shop programs on my drive that are the result of down loaded updates, which ones do I keep?

A. Updates install into your existing Dress Shop program, over-writing and adding new files. Previous updates should never be removed, as this will disable your Dress Shop program. Also, the file sizes showing in the Add-Remove window are not accurate and do not display the correct sizes of the installed update files.

Q.  I cannot log into my account page on the web site. It says something about cookies? 

A. You may have a bad or corrupted cookie in your internet files. Try deleting all cookies and temporary internet files, which is good general maintenance for your computer anyway, by opening your Internet Explorer browser. From the top tool bar, select Tools> Internet Options> and under the ‘General’ tab: Temporary Internet files, select Delete Cookies and Delete Files. You should now be able to log into your Account page.