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LivingSoft Subscriber Newsletter | Volume 8

Help Files Expanded

Help Files in the program have been greatly expanded. Take a look at our new Library of Sewing and Tool Use Tips!

Starting with the release of the Illusions Collection which has specific designs for both the Casual and Comfort Fit Levels, dresses which flow like a waterfall over the body, and the elegant side panel jackets which are found in all the high end shops. New “How To Articles” may be found in the HELP Menu. 

Illusions users were given  new tools along with new designs to try out the “new” fit levels designed to offer a slightly more comfortable fit without the bagginess under the arms and else where that unfitted garments offer.

These fit levels are now available with the FIT TOOL for all patterns.

We added some new design elements to Illusions such as but not limited to godets and shoulder pleats.  We added a new tool to “user define” the height, width and placement of the godets and/or pleats or vents.

The Spring &Summer Collection 2005 offers a wide variety  of wonderful ,summery, close fit and very close fit knits as well as soft showy elegant dresses and skirts with exciting hems.  You'll also find the close fit levels so enjoyed by our younger users in garments such as cropped low rise Capri’s and quick fit stretch tops.

The Active Wear 2 release features swim suits, exercise gear, and dance wear and sporting clothing. We included articles to help compute your fabric’s stretch and apply it to your swimsuit, show how to work with stretch fabrics and even  insert elastic into necklines and leg openings.

We made a new area in the Help Files which deals both with how to use the tools, and how to assemble the garments. These articles are written by Livingsoft team members and advanced users.  You will find the authors name on each article.

Each new Tool such as:

Has it’s own “How to Use the Tools articles.


It has been decided to offer general assembly instructions for even our older silhouettes and designs. You will find these instructions being added to as they are completed and time permits.

You will always find a helpful “Tell Me More “article when you open any tool such as those for sleeve, neck, shaper, closure, crotch or skirt tools.  Look to the left near the top of the tool page to find “Tell me More…”  Click the link and you will be taken to the appropriate article.

When a design requires a stretch factor you will find a tag on the pattern Show All page and under Mia defining the amount of stretch needed, as well as a link to a wonderful, comprehensive Fabric Guide.  This guide will direct you to an article on “How to Compute your fabric stretch percentage”.

We would also like to point out that there is another huge list of active links in our Help Files under: “On the web”.  You will need to have your ISP running but no matter what time of day or night you may feel stumped chances are you will find the answer to your assembly questions here.  These links are supplied by colleges and universities and, among their many articles, include how to insert a zipper, apply a facing, and construct a welt pocket.

Please check out Help> Help Index to find many of these articles complete with graphics as visual aids  to assist you in your design journey.