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LivingSoft Subscriber Newsletter | Volume 5

What People Are Saying About Dress Shop 6

Our customers are really enjoying Dress Shop 6.  Users of DS6 Basic and DS6 Standard are having lots of fun, it seems the more patterns and design options that people have, the more fun they are having.

“I finished sewing up the blouse with the cowl neck.  All in all, I love this look and am so happy with the Dress Shop fit.  I could never wear cowl necklines before because they always came up to high on my neck and sort of felt like a turtleneck.  I had no problem with this.”  Sandi Campbell, owner of DS6 Pro, Pattern sets 1001-1046, Fashion Designer, Fashion Designer 2, Ultimate Pants, Ultimate Outerwear, Illusions, Hat Shop and Home Dec Sampler.

You will discover that the longer you use Dress Shop you will find more interesting ways to use the program and all its design options.  For instance, there are still a few interesting pattern styles which are not included in Dress Shop that may be offered by an other pattern companies.  You can make these standard sized patterns fit your personal measurements by using Dress Shop patterns as fit overlays to the “other” patterns.