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LivingSoft Subscriber Newsletter | Volume 5


Q. I have Windows XP with service pack 2. When I ask the program to show a video clip I get a message in the box saying "To help protect your security, Internet Explorer has restricted this file from showing". How I can set Internet Explorer (or anything else which needs to be set) to accept my request, without going through several steps to get there.

A. Go into IE, Tools, internet options and advanced tab. Scroll down to security and tick the "Allow active content to run in files on my computer"

Q. My computer went down and I lost all of my measurements. Is there any way to save them other than in the program?

A. To protect measurements, keycodes and saved drafted patterns, go into your DressShop folder (My Documents\DressShop), locate your "My" files: MyPatterns (folder); MyDSActivations; MyDSMeasurements and MyDSSettings and copy these files to a floppy disk. If you need to re-enter these into your Dress Shop program, simply 'Paste' them back into your DS folder.

Q. I always have difficulty entering my keycodes into my program. Isn't there an easier way then typing them in one at a time?

A. To quickly get your keycodes into your program, open your Dress Shop program; File> Enter Keycodes and have the keycode screen open. Now, log into your Account page on the Livingsoft web site. Locate the keycode you want to enter and 'double-left-click' on the second section of the keycode, behind the dash. Once this section of the keycode is highlighted, simultaneously press the "Ctrl-C" keys on your keyboard to copy this section of the keycode. You only want to highlight the section of your keycode on the right side of the dash.

Minimize the web window down so that you are back in your Dress Shop program. In the Keycode entry window, type in your first 6 digits of the keycode, then left-click in the second entry window behind the dash so that your cursor is blinking in that window. Simultaneously use the "Ctrl-V" keys on your keyboard to paste the keycode into the window. Select Submit and your program feature is now activated.