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LivingSoft Subscriber Newsletter | Volume 5

Holiday Ideas

Those of you who have upgraded to Dress Shop 6 already, are enjoying yourselves hugely, if the e-mails we’re getting are any indication.

Now that you’re enjoying your DS6 goodies, here are some more great tools you might enjoy:

Fashion Designer 1:  Upgrade to the original Fashion Designer, FD1 includes the Closure Editor (lets you design your own closures including asymmet ric and wrap closures), Custom Sleeve Designer (lets you creatively manipulate the sleeve shape), Custom Collar Designer tool (make your own unique collar shapes), Blouse/Jacket Shaper (symmetric or asymmetric, curved or straight lines), and the Blouse/Jacket Hanky Hem Editor (new tool, still more hem shaping options).  FD1 is activated automatically (no charge) for DS6 upgraders who own the original Fashion Designer.

Fashion Designer 2:  Includes 3 exciting new tools, FD2 includes the Yoke Editor for Blouses, Dresses, Jackets and Coats, the Yoke Editor for Pants, and the Wing Collar Editor plus 3 new wing collars.  Created in response to numerous customer requests, these powerful new tools greatly enhance your creativity with Dress Shop.

Dress Shop 6 Pro:  If you have Dress Shop 6 Basic, Standard, or Advanced check out the additional patterns and design options you can enjoy with an upgrade to DS6 Pro.  Go to /DS6/DS6Compare.htm to compare features in the different versions. 

Don’t forget to check out our very affordable Pattern Packets or the larger Pattern Collections, which offer specialty patterns beyond the styles in the regular Dress Shop programs, and other Design Tools listed on the website at


Use Dress Shop to Make Holiday Gifts!

For those people wondering how to use their software to make holiday gifts, we offer some ideas:

1. Hats and purses: For hats, you only need one body measurement for the individual you're sewing for (around the head, and you can have anyone take that measurement on a loved one who lives far away) and for purses you need none. Hat Shop is easy to use to sew for your family, even when family is 1,000 miles away! Make caps, fishing hats, dressy hats, a cute purse for the granddaughter, or an elegant beaded bag for your mom.

2. Pillows, pillowcases, tablecloths, lots of possibilities for those of you with Home Dec Sampler. Some items you might need some input on, but you can have a long-distance friend or relative measure a tabletop (much easier than our unique bodies) or the pillows on someone's bed. Cute embellishment techniques include transferring family photos onto cloth which you can then applique to the pillow or even a garment you make.

3. With Dress Shop, of course you can make custom fitted clothes, but for family members living far away you can use the standard sizes for men, children, women and girls (all standard sizes available in all versions of Dress Shop 6, from DS6 Basic to DS6 Pro) to make garments that don't require a very precise fit. The oversized shirt is one, because of the dropped shoulder it comes closer to a "one size fits all" garment than anything else. You can make it out of fleece material for a sweatshirt look, or out of a shirtweight denim for a bigshirt. You might even embellish the sweatshirt or shirt with a family photo as discussed above.

4. For teens on your list, perhaps a nice denim wrap skirt with a little embroidery or beaded trim around the bottom to make it special.

5. If you have Essential Lingerie or Pattern Set 1008 ($59 and $15 respectively, if you don't have these), you can make up some holiday jammies or nighties for many of the people on your list.

Of course, these are only a few of the things you can do with your Livingsoft software for the people you love during the holidays (or birthday time or Mother's Day or whatever). I would invite everyone to share other ideas, or possibly projects you've made in the past or are in the process of making for the holidays, with Dress Shop and other Livingsoft programs.