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LivingSoft Subscriber Newsletter | Volume 3

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Q: I am following the instructions in DS5 exactly, but every time I enter my code for Hat Shop it comes back as invalid. Do I need a new code?

A: No new code needed. The problem here is that the keycode for Hat Shop is being entered into Dress Shop. This is a common misconception. LivingSoft currently offers three separate programs: Dress Shop, Hat Shop and Home Dec Sampler. Each of these programs are designed to do different things and must be installed separately. Dress Shop is a custom garment pattern drafting program that is a single installation and contains all DS5 related programs: Quick Fit, Advanced, Pro, along with all currently released Pattern Packs (1001 through 1052) and Pattern Collections such as Illusions, Fashion Designer, Essentials, and Ultimates. Hat Shop is a separate program for designing and creating Hats and Purses. Use it to coordinate your accessories with your Dress Shop creations. Home Dec is an interior design program for custom home decor creations such as pillows, curtains and slip covers. The keycodes you receive for any Dress Shop related program are entered into Dress Shop using the File > Enter Keycodes option. Your Keycode for Hat Shop must be entered into the Hat Shop program, using the File > Activation option. Your Keycode for Home Dec Sampler is entered into the Home Dec program, again using the File > Activation option.

Q:  I just purchased a new pattern set or collection, entered my keycode into Dress Shop and was told it was an invalid code. What is wrong here? Do I need to download something or is my code not working?

A: All of our Pattern Collections and Pattern Packs are contained within the Dress Shop program. Only one download / installation is required and you have all currently released features. It only takes the keycode to unlock these additional features / programs within your program. Pattern Packs and Collections are not in a separate download. Once you have successfully entered your keycode, your new patterns will be available under the Patterns menu. They are not, however, labeled as "Premium Pants",  "Illusions" or  "Pattern Pack 1049" but rather added into the patterns menus. Look for a pattern that was included with what you purchased. If you have activated Illusions, for instance, look under Patterns > Blouse > Casual Fit > Blouse with Godet. This will tell you have you have indeed activated the Illusions program. If you know you are entering the keycode correctly for your new purchase and it is coming up as Invalid, check the version number you are currently running (either under Help > About Dress Shop or on your opening page of the DS program). We release new features and patterns in our updates and if you are running an earlier version, your new patterns are not contained within the program yet. Simply use your File > Check for Updates option within your DS program, download and install the newest update and your patterns will be available.