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LivingSoft Subscriber Newsletter | Volume 3

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Pattern Drafting 101

Q: Iím confused about the difference between the Edit Sleeve tool and the Custom Sleeve tool which are both button options in my program.  Iím also confused by the fact that sometimes I try to use one of them, and the one Iím trying to use is grayed out.  Please help.

A: First, this question only applies to owners of the Dress Shop Fashion Designer program.  Owners of other Dress Shop 5 generation program will have the Edit Sleeve tool, but not the Custom Sleeve tool.

If you own Fashion Designer, you will have two sleeve tools.  Use the Edit Sleeve tool to modify different parts (sleeve cap height and width, cap ease, bicep ease, sleeve length, and more) of any of the standard sleeve styles (anything from the straight sleeve to a gathered sleeve to a 2-piece sleeve) which come as a design option with the current pattern youíre making.

The second sleeve tool is the Custom Sleeve tool which includes the same kinds of edit functions, but which will also let you shape the body of the sleeve in some interesting ways.  You can use the Custom Sleeve tool to make a sleeve which is more form-fitting than a straight sleeve, or which is very pouffy.  Or you can make something in between.  The Custom Sleeve tool removes the limitation of requiring a straight line from the bottom of the sleeve cap to the end of the sleeve.

You will never see both sleeve tools highlighted as an available option at any one time.  If a standard sleeve design is selected (any of our pre-designed styles), Edit Sleeve is the tool which will be available.  If you have selected the Custom Sleeve in the Design area (by selecting a custom sleeve type from the sleeve menu on our model -- we have named her Mia), then the tool which will be available is Custom Sleeve.

A final reminder - The Edit Sleeve tool is available with all Dress Shop 5 generation programs.  The Custom Sleeve tool is available with Fashion Designer (or any DS5 program which also has Fashion Designer activated).