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LivingSoft Subscriber Newsletter | Volume 3

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Illusions Enhanced

Yes, owners of our exciting Illusions program, released early in the summer, will be excited to learn that we have more than DOUBLED the number of patterns.  To the original 28 patterns we’ve added 37 more, at no extra charge!

Dress Shop Illusions is offered for just $129.00.  A collection designed to be an add-on to Dress Shop 5, Illusions offers patterns which flatter any body, and give an impression of a more slender shape.  The patterns accomplish this using styles with vertical seams and design details, also more ease with some waist shaping (though not as much waist shaping as traditional “fitted” garments).

Check out the listing for the enhanced Illusions at /New.htm -- click on the link for Illusions.

And yes we have added some new “How To” articles!

If you purchased Illusions already you get all the new “stuff” FREE with this update!

If you have not yet purchased The Illusions Collection, it is offered for just $129.00.

We encourage everyone to check out this innovative collection.  To view the patterns in Illusions, within your Dress Shop program go to File, select Previews, and pull down the menu to select Dress Shop Illusions.  Go to the Patterns menu to view as many of the patterns in the Illusions collection as you want.