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LivingSoft Subscriber Newsletter | Volume 2


Q. When I select Print this Page, I'm only getting one page. When I select Print all Pages, I only get the first pattern piece. Where's the rest of my pattern?

A. Print this Page refers to the currently displayed “section” of your pattern piece, not the pattern piece itself (bodice front, back, etc) and will print only what is displaying on your screen. Print all Pages will print out all pages (sections) of the currently displayed pattern piece, not all pattern pieces of the garment. Once you have printed all “sections” for the currently displayed pattern piece, select Next Pattern Piece to display and print the remaining pattern pieces of your selected garment.

Q: Why aren't the facing pieces showing up in the layout tool?

A: The smaller pattern pieces are not shown in the layout tool because they are often cut from the smaller pieces that are left after cutting the larger pattern pieces. Therefore, the facings, cuffs, pockets, waistband, belts, belt loops and collars are not included in the fabric layout. You would have too many small pieces to try to place and the total yardage is generally unchanged. If in doubt, add a quarter yard or so to your total.

Q: I have an asymmetrical shape and need to create patterns with a right and left side. How is this accomplished with your program?

A: Several of our users have asymmetrical bodies. You would use two measurement charts; one for the left and one for the right side of your body.The center measurements will always be the same for left and right. Draft and print your pattern using the "Left" measurement chart, then repeat with the "Right" measurement chart. You garment will then fit your asymmetrical body correctly.