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LivingSoft Subscriber Newsletter | Volume 2

Dress Shop Tip of the Month


Dress Shop offers several pre-programmed CUSTOM Fit Levels.  Our Ease is not determined by a simple number of inches for a close or loose fit.  That simply will not perform well enough to our standards.  You will get your fit and ease based on a percentage of YOUR body measurements.

What is Ease?

Ease is the room given in a garment to change its design and be comfortable.

FITTED Garments: We offer Fitted silhouettes which you would consider a close fit. Always computed to your measurements.   These garments have waist shaping and darting! Theyare your closest fit level for woven fabrics. You may always adjust ease for knit or stretch fabrics in all fit levels! We strongly recommend the full 57 measurement chart for fitted clothing. All those curves need the maximum amount of data to provide a true custom fit. Fitted garments are generally used by the trimmer body type with the fewest figure challenges.
CASUAL FIT Garments: This is a new addition to the Dress Shop family developed originally for the Illusions Collection. Enjoy the slimming illusion of a casual fit level. Casual Ease is fitted across the upper torso from shoulders to the bust level then flows with a hint of waist shaping to the hip level. The adjustable true side dart allows you to shape the upper torso. Best results use the full 57 measurement chart found in Dress Shop Advanced and Pro. If you are quite close to a standard measurement chart Standards and Quick fit charts properly adjusted to your body will work. This classic and elegant fit level is ideal for any body type.
COMFORT FIT Garments: Another new fit level introduced for the Illusions Collection. Fits beautifully across the shoulder to bust line then flows downwards. Barely Hints at a waistline. True side darting is available. Ideal in soft fabrics. Shaped for the larger woman who needs extra room for comfort. Use a full 57 measurement chart or a Standard or Quick Fit chart.
UNFITTED Garments:   UNFITTED EASE Features a loose fit. Offers a very slightly extended shoulder. This fit level uses an underarm dart rather than side dart. Great for man style shirt’s or casual day time dressing. IDEAL for children's clothing with room to grow.