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Q. I have entered my keycodes several times and they are invalid. Do I need new keycodes?

A. Manually entering keycodes often results in “invalid” due to typos or misreading the numbers. There are two ways to get your keycodes into your Dress Shop 6 program. You can enter then manually from the File>Enter Keycode option. When entering your keycodes manually, keep in mind that there are NO letters O, L, or I. They are either zeros or ones.

You can automatically import your keycodes at any time by going to Help>On the web>Get my activation codes (internet connection is required). Where the model is located, on the left of the screen, a new window will come up where you will enter your email address and password. Then click on the button “Go get codes”. This will automatically retrieve and install all of your keycodes for you. Once your keycodes are retrieved and installed, select “Restart with new codes”.  You can use this method with either a new install or whenever you purchase something new within the Dress Shop Family.

Q. I just got a new computer. Do I have to install a previous version like 5 in order to install 6 pro and all of its upgrades?

A. On a new computer, or a reinstall due to a system crash,  all you need to install is the full program download from the web site at  On the Downloads page, under Current Products, select Dress Shop 6 Family, then select Full Product Download. . Save the file to your desktop, never run it from the current location. Once the download is complete, close all open applications. Double-click on the downloaded file and follow the on-screen instructions. Once the program is installed, you can then either enter your keycodes manually or retrieve them as described above.

Q. I see many updates in my Add-Remove programs that are for older versions of Dress Shop 5 and I now own Dress Shop 6. Can I remove these old updates?

A. No. Uninstalling any parts or portions of Dress Shop could disable your current program. Updates contain files that overwrite older files with the same names, along with new files. Also keep in mind that the “Size” shown in Add-Remove Programs for the update files are not always accurate.  If you feel you must clean out old files, please contact support at for specific instructions for your specific situation.


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