Dress Shop App Downloads and Updates

Downloads are free and provide a demo of all program functions EXCEPT printing.
To print, you must purchase some version. After purchase, use "File - Activate Products"
to enable printing of the patterns that are included with your purchase.

Updates are free, but only work for those that have already installed an earlier build of that same version.
That is, only get the Dress Shop 9 update if you are already running some earlier version of Dress Shop 9.

Dress Shop / Doll Shop
Version 9.08a
Released October 2012

Archive Edition

Dress Shop / Doll Shop
Version 8.11
Released October 2012

Versions prior to 8 will not run properly on current hardware or versions of Windows and are no longer provided for download. For information about upgrading to a current version, click here.

Installation Notes: 

1. System Requirements: All Dress Shop products require an IBM-PC or PC emulator running Windows version 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP, Vista or Windows 7 as well as the Internet Explorer browser.

2. Download Directions: After you download, you must RUN the download file to install the software. If you have any difficulties with either the download or installation,  click here for help..

3. Activating your purchases: When you first run a Dress Shop Product, it will run as a demo until you activate it using "File - Activate Product". When your activation codes are entered, the program will display the appropriate title, features, and patterns that you have purchased. All patterns you own will be in the "MyPatterns" folder.