What are people saying about Dress Shop?

  "This is unequivocally the most incredible piece of software I have ever seen. It far surpasses my wildest expectations. This is what I always envisioned pattern software doing and a lot more. My daughter, a professional artist who does not sew, and does not understand clothing construction, can sit down and design the clothes she visualizes." Deb Browne

  "Wow, wow, and wow! Dress Shop looks and feels like the way my brain thinks when I am in sewing mode. Thank you and all your team for creating an unbelievable piece of software. I am so excited for all of us." Deirdre Ward

  "I LOVE the combination of standard sizing with the option to tweak at least close to my own measurements. This is EXACTLY what I have been wishing for since the first DS!" Debi Ford

  "I am doing the Snoopy dance!!!!!!!!! I just finished a pair of Bermuda's in 2 hours (I did put the pattern together last night) and I am going to wear them to our 55+ tennis social in 45 minutes. I used Dress Shop -- no adjustments of any kind. Dress Shop is WONDERFUL!!!" Tracy Russin

  "Everything in Dress Shop is working great. It love it, it is worth every penny I paid for it. Iíve made a sleeveless blouse and a straight size zip knee length skirt. Both fit so wonderfully. Thanks so much for everything." Cindy Hall

  "Dress Shop is working great. So many choices, it's like letting a kid loose in a candy shop. The new interface is wonderful. My main problem is, so many ideas and which one do I do first. You all have done a great job. Kudos all around." Judith Bartel

  "Dress Shop is awesome. I made a bra that fit and a jacket with raglan sleeves for a friend's hubby who is a size 60. Love it. Thanks for the great pattern software. It took a little while to figure out how to get the changes like the neckline but it took a 7 year old to tell me how. He has printed out some shorts and will be sewing them tomorrow. He is short so all patterns come to his calves. This one I think will be to his liking. He loved making the decisions and then printing and cutting out." Aimee Stearns

  "Dress Shop is incredibly powerful. Y'all have outdone yourselves. I've already made some shorts, and they were great. I own some other software as well, and this... well, with the crotch editor and the Quick Fit options... y'all, a whole new world is opening up. While the max measurements will give you the most specific and refined fit, the Quick Fit options will allow you to get in there and get something made for the "satisfaction factor" (my own made up word)." Kathy Breedlove (who loves playing with Quick Fit)

  "Dress Shop is FABULOUS!!! I do have the Pro version and all the addons so it is fun fun fun. It is also not (so far) buggy and I have gone through lots of the patterns. Here is what I have found: 1) Ease of use... top notch. 2) Documentation and help text, tops, pointers and stuff, excellent. 3) Haven't encountered bugginess so far. Program works like a charm. 4) Features such as crotch tool, etc.... state of the art advanced and simple enough for the casual dressmaker (i.e. the person who does this once in a while and doesn't know too much) to figure out without much difficulty and a little guidance. 5) As much as I chafe under all the measurements, I can truly SEE the need for them. And now you don't need ALL of them. I find the Quick Fit to be FABULOUS!!! Standards I find to work well for kids and "normal" sizes. I am not normal sized so I will bite the bullet and do full sets for fitted clothes and Quick Fit for casual. How WONDERFUL to have that option!!! I also loved that correcting the measurement was immediately reflected in the pattern! Anyway, to the DS staff... you have knocked yourselves out. The product is great." Robin Smallen

  "Absolutely love how the program works, its ease of use and all the tools. I had such great success with Ultimate Pants, so had made several capris and shorts for the summer. You must feel really great about what you and your team have produced. It is really wonderful." Heidi Tekunoff

  "I LOVE DRESS SHOP!!!!!!! (I'm shouting on purpose.) Great program. Adore the layout tool!" Rachel Fisher

  "I am having so much fun with Dress Shop!" Karen Dockter

  "Dress Shop is great!!" Betty Ann Milner

  "I am really enjoying the new Dress Shop program. I printed a pattern for the A-line jumper for myself and for my Chatty Cathy dolls. Love the changes you guys have made." Diana Lemon

  "I'm thrilled with Dress Shop." Lucie Germer

  "I love Dress Shop 5. It is very user friendly and I love the new patterns. You all did a wonderful job." Kathryn Collier

  "Oh YESSSSSSS!!!! THANK YOU to LivingSoft and the beta testers for a -- as far as my machine goes -- TOTALLY BUG-FREE PRODUCT!!!!!!!!! I'm so jazzed!!!!! Dress Shop is the absolute best Ė I never thought patternmaking would get this easy. Iím a designer, and this is absolutely the most flexible tool Iíve found for getting what I Ďseeí into a pattern that fits. I still add details and make changes, but this is just lovely. So far Iíve made myself a pair of pants Ė they fit just fine. This time Iím making a pair of semi-fitted one-seam pants. Iíve got 3 shirtwaists and 3 camp shirts coming up next. And my DH is so impressed with my DSís camp shirt that he wants one himself. Oh! I need to take a picture of the doll outfit I made with Dress Shop for you Ė very cute." Melissa Robitille (thrilled, in case you didn't guess)

  "Love the program!" Wendy Gunter

  "The new tools are awesome! Bob, Craig and Greg have outdone themselves once again." Carolyn Brown

  "AMAZING! I love it a lot." Sonja Altman

  "WOW!" Susan Apthorp

  "My compliments on Dress Shop. It is a wonderful program." Laura Goodrich

  "I just wanted to tell you what a wonderful job you have done again. Congratulations on a great program." Beth Cooper

  "In Dress Shop the lines are VERY visible for my aging eyes. Thank you all at LivingSoft. This is just one of the visible improvements I have seen so far. This is really, really great." Jane Krychiw

  "Dress Shop is great. I am tickled pink. The layout feature is a wonderful plus to the program, and I'm sure I'll be putting all its features to good use. The whole look of the program is very clean, clear and easy to use. You can tell that a lot of thought went into the designing of the program. It certainly is a program to be proud of." LeeAnn Eyssens

  "I'm really a happy camper. This new program is AWESOME!!! I made a pair of shorts and got the best fit Iíve had so far. I love all the new features. Thanks to all involved in its development." Karen Stevens

  "The program is very easy to use. Still havenít been lucky enough to find anyone to take measurements (the right way), but I did do it myself as much as possible and calculated some measurements. Got a fit the first time only with one or two minor adjustments in the side/waist area. Used the standard sizes and went from there. The pants are a very good fit as well as the top." Deborah Crum

  "Oh my! Oh my! Oh my! I love it. I am having so much fun. I think Dress Shop is wonderful. It was even worth babysitting my dial up connection for 2 hours and 44 minutes to get it early. I was raving to my husband about it and he said you need to get on the list and tell them that. Thank you for such a wonderful new toy/tool." Carol Van Belle

  "Dress Shop is GREAT!" Michelle Montana

  "This program is AWESOME! I love everything about it, but especially how quickly one can go from measurements to printing. The Quick Fit and Standard measurements are a blessing for sewing for grandchildren. Thanks for making sewing so much fun again!" Sue Whelan

  "This is a GREAT program." Gloria Jean Hendrickson

  "Dress Shop is absolutely fabulous." Rebecca Ecklund-Fitzthum

  "I shouldn't say this, but I would pay a LOT more than I paid for this program! In the year and a half since I've owned Dress Shop, I can't begin to tell you how much I have learned. I now have the confidence to try anything!" Darlene Blount

  "I love this new program. Great new features, very user friendly and intuitive." Angie Stockinger

  "I just LOVE Dress Shop, what a blast! This is SO COOL. Just finishing some Jamaica shorts. I have a princess dress half made. A GREAT PRODUCT!" June Cappola

  "I just used Dress Shop today on a customer. It worked GREAT! She was pleased, I was thrilled! The fit was EXCELLENT! The program is awesome." Autumn Couture