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Sew Quick Collection
Casual clothes that are quick to sew and easy to fit!
Requires Dress Shop 9 or later.

Fast and easy patterns that can be cut
and assembled in 90 minutes or less!

Get stylish summer comfort with the Dress Shop
fit in a hurry with these 30 easy-sew patterns.

Price:  $49.00


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Nancy's "Cap Sleeve Raglan"
Blouse was a favorite!
(in the Close Fit Blouse folder)

The patterns in this collection are ideal for experienced sewers in a hurry, or newer users looking for patterns with minimal construction and fit challenges.

  • Includes new necklines (lariat and wide scoop)

  • There are few fitting darts - easy pattern prep.

  • Neck openings are enlarged to pull over the head rather than with button closures.

  • Fit levels are generally casual with a few stretch knit designs.

  • 30 hot new patterns, all of which can be built in 90 minutes or less.

  • These patterns work for quick and comfortable garments, for users with unperfected measurements, and for anyone uncomfortable with advanced sewing features. These are simple, stylish, cute and quick!

  • Illustrated instructional articles from some of Livingsoft's top educators and designers!
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Quick To Sew – Easy To Fit
The Sew Quick patterns can be cut and assembled in about 90 minutes!

This bell-sleeved, cami neck princess line blouse
can be made in a jiff.

With its loose sleeves and pull-over neckline,
fitting is quick and easy.


  Crop pants

Crop Pants

Enjoy a new length just for the summer season with our crop pants. They are longer than capris, more like high water pants.  Women’s crop pants are full length minus 3 inches. Children’s crop pants are full length minus 1.75".  If you choose a child measurement chart, the program will automatically set the length.

  • These come with optional vents at side seams.

  •  We have elastic waists and drawstring options.

  • Fitted, semi-fitted, and form fit styles are available. 

  • They also come as one-seam, semi-fitted with elastic waist.

To aid quick sewing, women’s crops don’t have flies.

  Comfy Shirts

Camp Shirts

Wide Neck Bell Sleeve Blouse

Scoop Neck Cap Sleeve Shirt

Raglan Surplice

Lariat Neck Blouse

Bell Sleeve Yoked Blouse

Double Vee Blouse


Raglan Surplice

  Easy Fit Dresses

Raglan Panel Dress

Panel Surplice Dress

Flared Panel Surplice Dress

Yoked Wide Neck Dress

Gathered Cami Dress

Tiered Cami Dress

Stretch Mini-Dress

  Fast But Stylish

Bell Sleeve Bolero

Flared Hanky Skirt

X-treme Slanted Skirt

Slinky Midi-Skirt

Bell Sleeve Bolero

Full list of Sew Quick's 30 patterns and where you will find them in Dress Shop. Use "File - Load Pattern" and look for:
        Camp Shirt
        Darted Camp Shirt
        Double Vee Blouse
        Scoop Neck Cap Sleeve Blouse
        Yoke Bell Sleeve Blouse
    Close Fit
        Bell Sleeve Princess Blouse
        Cap Sleeve Raglan Blouse
        Crew Neck Tee
        Stretch Raglan Surplice
    Very Close Fit
        Stretch Lariat Neck Tank
        Flared Panel Surplice Dress
        Panel Surplice Dress
        Yoked Wide Neck Dress
        Gathered Cami Waisted Dress
        Stretch Mini-Dress
        Tiered Cami Waisted Dress
        Bell Sleeve Bolero
        One-Seam Bermudas
        One-Seam Casual Crop Pants
        One-Seam Crop Pants
        Semi-Fitted Crop Pants
    Close Fit
        Low-Rise Slim Fit Crops
        One-Seam Stretch Shorts
        Stretch Crop Pants
        Stretch Low-Rise Crop Pants
        Fitted Crop Pants
    Midi-Slinky Skirt
    X-treme Slanted Skirt
    Hanky Hem
        Drawstring Hanky Skirt
        Flared Hanky Knit Skirt