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Patterns For Real People
Requires Dress Shop 9 or later.

by Kaaren Hoback
(aka Patrns4u)

I’m pleased and proud to be able to introduce a collection of patterns designed to make anyone look more slender.

ILLUSIONS- Patterns For Real People

This “Ultimate” program addition to the Livingsoft line of 65 custom patterns was designed for people with those challenges that extra weight and age bring to our REAL BODIES. (Smaller sized real bodies will like these features as well!)

Price:  $99.00    Order

The Fab Tunic and Fab Coat make 
over-garments look slender rather than bulky.

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What do people say
about Illusions?

Three basic premises are used in making these "Patterns For Real People":

  • Illusion - Keeping the garment lines as slimming as possible

  • Economy - Keeping the individual pattern pieces as narrow as possible

  • STYLE and PANACHE are the right of all Real People

ILLUSIONS offers comfortable custom fit patterns based not on a dress size but on your personal custom size!

Also included is a new casual fit option, allowing you to reduce the underarm ease, which is so often found in more unfitted clothing. True, adjustable Side Darts and subtle waist shaping give the illusion of a curved waistline. The result is a column of soft, flowing fabric that invites motion, but with a little shape – garments with a little extra comfort ease without the bulk normally found in unfitted clothing.

New design features include pleats, godets and vents, which users can apply to a variety of blouses, dresses, jackets, tunics and nightwear. These design features emphasize a vertical line and allow ease where needed without adding extra width. New patterns include extras such as stretch Raglans (from blouses to a REAL SWEATSHIRT), side panel jackets, and unique new dress designs for women of STYLE.

Illusions includes illustrated assembly instructions and construction tips to insure you get the best results with your new tools and features. As the pattern designer (part of a talented team of individuals who worked on this exciting new program), I am pleased and proud to present to you, ILLUSIONS – For Real People!

  Side Panel Patterns:


Side panel patterns have no side seam. The side panel wraps from the front panel line to the back. It makes a great slimming with a very different fit from princess line patterns.

Illusions includes Panel patterns that are closely fitted, casually fitted, and comfort fitted, including:

  • 12 panel dresses including a formalwear version

  • 3 panel jackets

  • 3 panel coats

  • 3 panel tunics

  • 3 panel tunic vests

  Slenderizing and Stylish Lines:

The Fab Tunic and Fab Coat

The Audrey
a casual fit classic princess dress with godets

The Rosalind 
casual fit armhole princess dress with godets

Shawl Collar Robe

The Sara Vest

Mock Wrap Skirt


  Extra Room when you need it:

Walking Tunic and Tunic Vests (with vents)

Blouse with Godet

Pleated Blouse

Pleated Front Nightie

Pleated Front PJ

Pleated Shell

Pleated Shift

Pleated Blouson

Pleated Tunic

Comfort Fit PJ pants

Front Vent Skirt

Gored Skirts with Godets

  Stretch Raglan Patterns:

Stretch Raglan Sweatshirt

Polar Fleece Jacket

The Juliet - a raglan sleeve dress

The Stretch Raglan Blouse

Baseball Shirt

Stretch Raglan Nightgown


There are many more new patterns waiting for you in ILLUSIONS.

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