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How do I control which posts I receive by email and how they are delivered?


How do I change my email address?






How do I control which posts I receive by email and how they are delivered?


Notifications are simply a way of telling the Board which messages you want emailed to you and how often you want those emails.  On the Board, when you are looking at a Forum or Topic, there will be a “Notify” tab at the top.



When you click this Notify tab, you will see a popup like this one:



Here you see that I’ve selected to have all of the posts in the “FAQ coming” Forum sent to me immediately after they have been posted and to also send me (immediately) all of the replies to a Topic.


I also want to get a Daily Digest by email, so I’ve selected that as well.  Now I can change this at any time and can have any combination I like.


Having notifications at this level means any new Topics created under the “FAQ coming” Forum will be included in my emails.  I will NOT get any emails from the Dress Shop or Doll Shop Forums.  If I want those, I’ll have to go to that Forum and click the “Notify” tab and click those boxes.


However, I can also restrict this to only specific Topics.  To do this, first I have to click the Topic and view that thread.  At the top is the same “Notify” tab.



This time when I get the popup (exactly the same as before) I will be asking for emails for this Topic only.  I will not get any posts out of the “Can’t get logged in” Topic.


If you later want to change these settings, you can revisit these popups, or you can go to your My Space screen and review all of your Notifications.



The Go -> My Space -> Notifications page shows you ALL of the Forums and Topics you have subscribed to so that you can get emails.  If you want to delete any of these, check the box and press the Update button.



If you want to change when you get your emails (Immediate vs. Digest) you can click the Edit link and the popup to change this.  Each Forum or Topic can have it’s own settings.


If you plan to be away from your email for an extended period (like taking a vacation) you can come her and Suspend all of your emails.  Once you get back, you can turn them back on.  You can also just delete everything by clicking the Remove All box.  In both cases, remember to press the “Update” button to save your changes.


Finally, the other place you can change your Notification preferences is in your Go -> My Space -> Preferences.  Here is where you set the default action you would like to any Topic you create or reply to.



In my case, I don’t have anything selected.  That means if I want any notifications, I’ll have to select them individually.  If I select “Daily Email Digest” then by default everything will get put in my Daily Digest.



To change your email address:


1. Go to Go -> MySpace -> Profile.

2. Log into your account.

3. In your Member Profile, select View/Edit Complete Profile (located in upper right corner).

4. In the Groupee Credentials window, select(Edit). This will again take you to the Groupee Login window, where you will enter your existing email address and password, and select Login.

5. In the Update your Groupee Profile window, enter your new email address and password. Select Submit.


You will then receive a confirmation email verifying that the address is valid. Confirm your email and you are ready to post to the group again.