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Dress Shop
Custom fit sewing pattern software.
Drafted to your measurements - your design!
Works with Win98, WinME, WinNT, WinXP, Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 10
Works with MacOS when using VirtualBox Windows emulator (free)
Dress Shop provides the ideal solution for getting custom-fit, custom-designed clothing so you can create the wardrobe of your dreams. Sew for yourself or your entire family. Our pattern software was designed for everyone, from casual home sewers to professional dressmakers and tailors. Dress Shop gives you a wide range of assorted patterns, each with dozens of design options, which can be combined in almost unlimited ways. Styles include dresses, blouses, pants, skirts, jackets, coats, vests and more.
FIT: Start quickly with our measurement wizard. Enter 5 key signature measurements and the wizard will build you a full chart that can be used to make patterns with a better fit than any off-the-rack garment. Adjust the values you know you might have trouble with for an even better fit.
Alternatively, you can simply select your standard sizes and start with the set of standard measurements for those size.
When you are ready, you can fine tune any of the 59 settable measurements that Dress Shop uses for its closest possible fit.
DESIGN:  Choose a foundation pattern you want, print it and start sewing. Or, select from dozens of options such as necklines, collars, closure type, sleeve style and length, cuffs and many others. As you make each choice, watch your patterns draft right on the screen showing you the effect of your changes.
CONSTRUCTION: A built-in layout tool helps plan and calculate the needed yardage, with options for nap, bias, plaids, stripes and border prints. Print your full size patterns on your regular printer. Match marks makes assembling patterns a breeze!
INSTRUCTIONS: Every pattern comes with a short sewing guide detailing order and method of assembly and with links to more detailed, illustrated articles showing best construction and assembly methods. The in-product user manual may be used electronically for quick search access to the topic you need or printed to take along to where you sew if you prefer.
PATTERNS: Each version of Dress Shop (see below) includes the most important and popular patterns from the Dress Shop catalog. Additional, optional pattern collections can be added when you need them. Overall, there are more than a thousand custom designed core foundation patterns, each of which may be modified in innumerable ways to create a pattern for just the garment you are looking for!

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Patterns Included: 20 Basic Wardrobe Patterns 80 Deluxe Wardrobe Patterns 160 Pro Wardrobe Patterns
Fit Options:      

Form Fit, Standard, Casual, Relaxed, and Unfitted


4 Knit Types


Specific Ease Adjustments

Garment Options:      

Sleeve Types

4 10
plus adjustments*
plus adjustments*

Neckline Types

19 46
plus adjustments*
plus adjustments*

Closure Types

9 15
plus adjustments
plus adjustments*
plus asymmetric options

Length, Darts, Hemlines, Vents, Pockets, and many more.

plus adjustments*
plus adjustments*

Pro Tools:

Collar Designer P
Empire Waist / Midriff Panel Tool P
Ease Customizer P
Gathers and Shirrs P
Grecian Halter Designer P
Princess Line Designer P
Ruffles, Flounces, and Peplums P
Yoke Designer P
* Adjustments - set the width, height, angle, or any other aspect of that item to your preferences rather than defaults.