The Dress Shop Summer Collection
This collection requires Dress Shop 9.05 or later.

Kaaren made a peignoir from the Pool Coverup pattern.

The Summer Collection includes 25 unique custom patterns made, tested, and repeatedly refined by our design team to support the latest fashion trends of the season. This collection includes a number of new features never before available in My Pattern Designer such as the exciting new princess and panel patterns, the floating tier skirts, collarless lapels and more. 

As is often the case, our test team had fun with the patterns, adapting them for other uses and showing just how much variety you can get from every one of these patterns. Kaaren's development of an elegant peignoir from the Pool Coverup pattern is a great example. Dresses were made from the nightgown pattern and tunics were adapted into a variety of comfy tops. With a similar approach, you too can turn these new designs into your own totally original choices.


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 Included In This Collection

Carolyn's Square Neck Tee
  Floaty Tunic
Lapel Jacket
Shawl Collar Jacket
The 2012 Tunic
Unlined Princess and Panel Coat


  Blousson Dress
Halter Midriff Dress
Halter Princess Vintage Dress
Party Dress
  Princess and Panel Dress
  Trench Dress
Button Front Cami
Cami 2012
Cap Sleeve Blouse
Crop Blouse
Pleated Neck Shell
  Princess and Panel Blouse
  Slouchy Tee
  Square Neck Tee
  T-Back Cami
Floating Tier Skirt
Pencil Skirt
Vee Notch Stretch Nightgown
Pool Coverup

The Spring and Summer 2012 Collection includes an exciting new foundation pattern - The Princess and Panel style line. These patterns include both a shoulder princess line as well as a side panel, resulting in more slenderizing vertical lines in your blouses, dresses, and jackets.

Princess and
Panel Blouse

Back View of June's
Golf Shirt

Luz's Princess and Panel
Sleeveless Blouse

Kaaren's Vee Notch Nightgown

Bonnie made the Vee Notch Nightgown as a dress.

Luz's Pencil Skirt
Luz's Pencil Skirt
Carolyn's Vee Notch Nightgown

Bonnie's 2012 Cami

Luz's Pleated Neck Shell
Nancy's Slouchy Tee
Selma's Square Neck Tee

Nancy's 2012 Tunic
June's Cap Sleeve Blouse
Luz altered the sleeve on her Cap Sleeve Blouse

Selma's Floaty Tunic
Bonnie's 2012 Cami
June's Pleated Neck Shell

Nancy's Button
Front Cami
June's Princess and
Panel Blouse
Luz's High-Waisted
Pencil Skirt

Luz's Cap Sleeve Blouse

Carolyn's Cap Sleeve Blouse

Kaaren's Cap Sleeve Blouse

Selma's Pool Coverup

Detail for Luz's Princess
and Panel Blouse

Luz's adapted the Cap Sleeve Blouse with Vee Notch Neck

Joyce's 2012 Cami

Back view detail

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The Spring and Summer 2012 Collection
Just $59