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Doll Shop 9
Requires Dress Shop 9.00 or later.

Doll Shop Deluxe
Price:  $99

Doll Shop Pro *
Price:  $199

* If you own Dress Shop Pro, you should get Doll Shop Deluxe. The Pro features you get with Dress Shop Pro will work for both. The reverse is NOT true. Doll Pro does not provide Pro features to Dress Shop Deluxe users.

Upgrade Information
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Upgrade to the Current Version - $49
Upgrade any prior version of Doll Shop and get the upgrade bonus collection included for free. Click here to see what is included. Also, if you also own Dress Shop and upgrade it to a current version, Doll Shop is upgraded as well at no added cost.

Upgrade from Deluxe to Pro - $100

With Doll Shop, you can design the perfect wardrobe for your dolls with clothes that match your own ideas or copied from your favorite styles from TV, movies, or stores. 

Doll Shop Deluxe comes with 80 of our most popular patterns and over 600 other patterns you can add. Each comes with hundreds of options to customize every garment you sew into your own personal creation.

Doll Shop Pro comes with 160 patterns plus more options and settings and the Pro Tools.
To compare these Deluxe and Pro, click here.

Doll Shop Deluxe also includes detailed instructions and patterns to enable you to make Abby Rose, your very own customized soft-sided doll, with the eyes, nose, and mouth art to match someone you know.

Facial art is included for iron on transfers, outline art for hand painting, and embroidery machine art for most popular models. Make your doll with the face, features, size, and clothing that you choose for either your personal collection or as a gift for that special someone that would appreciate a doll that looked just like they do!

The Abby Rose dolls can be endlessly customized.


Doll Shop Deluxe 8 is all about creative control for your dolls and the clothing they wear. Whether you are working with a favorite doll, a collectable, or making your own doll from scratch, Doll Shop Deluxe will help you build the perfectly fitting, customized wardrobe. Match fabrics with clothes of your own or of the children in your family. Reproduce your favorite heirloom styles, or create your own original fashions.

Click here for the list of included patterns.

All of the patterns included in the many Dress Shop optional collections and pattern packets will also draft properly with doll measurements. So, add any other patterns that you like.



The measurements needed for many popular hard or soft sided dolls are provided for you. If you do not find your doll in this list, though, you can take the measurements needed yourself. Either way, your patterns will all be drafted to the measurements you use, providing a consistent fit for garment after garment.

If you doll is not on the list, don't despair! Many doll bodies are similarly proportioned. The new Tiny Kitty doll (10") for instance, can use patterns made for the Tyler Wentworth doll, reduced in size by 65%. Doll Deluxe will make those adjustments for you automatically. Just select a doll you think is similar to yours, enter your doll's actual height and all measurements will be adjusted for that height. There you go, patterns to fit your doll without having to measure her yourself!

When you make your own soft sided doll, you can choose the size you want and fully customize the eyes, nose, and mouth to your preferences or even to match the look of a child you wish to give the doll to. Missing teeth, braces, freckles, and many variations in color and features are included.

Facial art can be applied to your doll by iron-on transfer of the colored art. Or, you can transfer just the outlines and paint it or embroider it yourself.

Pre-digitized art for these auto-embroidery machines (and any others that can use compatible artwork) is included: Brother, Husqvarna, Janome, Pfaff, Singer, Tajima, and Toyota.


Once you have chosen the size and facial features, you can then print out the pattern for your doll.

Clear and simple assembly instructions walk you through the process of building your doll. No experience is assumed or needed, yet you'll find yourself making gorgeous dolls in no time.

Once you have chosen or made the doll you will sew for, then you can choose the clothing you want. Skirts, blouses, dresses, pants, coats, jackets, sportswear, even lingerie - the choices are as complete as for our full Dress Shop product. Options for sleeves, necklines, darts, closure, length, collars and such are also as varied and flexible as in our other pattern making products. And, every pattern, every option will be tailored to the measurements you have chosen.

Your design with your clothing choices and fabrics = Your doll.

Doll Shop Deluxe
Price:  $99

Doll Shop Pro
Price:  $199